Friday, March 7, 2014

Family and Letting Go

I guess the title of this post might be a tad misleading. It is about family, and it is about letting go, but not letting go of anyone.

Detail view of Family, a mixed media piece by artist, Melissa Sherbon.
By Family, I mean my latest canvas. It's called Family, and it was a commission with a twist. My best friend's father asked me to paint a piece for him, but he wanted it to represent my own family. I was so touched that my family means that much to him, so of course I couldn't wait to get started on the piece!

Detail view of Family
Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I always doubt myself. I always freak out a little bit over commissions for one reason or another, and this was no different. I started worrying I wasn't going to be able to get my emotions out effectively. That I wouldn't represent my loved ones well. That I wouldn't get into a flow and the piece would never come together. See? I freak out a little!

Well, like always with my creativity, I find inspiration when I least expect it. I was out picking up the canvas and got side tracked in the scrapbook paper. (Who hasn't done that before, right?) I found so much wonderful paper! Ideas started churning, images started popping up, and suddenly I had an arm load of paper and ephemera before I even got to the canvas aisle!

Thankfully, the wave kept up! I tend to be moody during a painting. I have highs and lows, hate it then love it, then hate it again. It's just part of the process sometimes. But not this time! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this piece. It felt like it was flowing from a greater source, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! It's my favorite piece of mine.

That's where the letting go comes in. 
I really enjoyed the process on this one! the colors came together so well! (Detail of Family.)
I do a lot of pieces that just hang on my own walls. I do a lot of them solely for myself. This piece pushed me to do something I would probably not have undertaken on my own because the subject always seemed too close to me. I'm grateful for this challenge because, even though I have to let it go to a new home, I was pushed to paint something very close to my heart. And that push helped me really think, really connect with all my wonderful family memories and put my whole heart into the piece. 

Family, a 30x30" mixed media painting on canvas by Melissa Sherbon.
So that's what I mean by Family and Letting Go. Family has to be my favorite piece of my work to date, but it just feels right that it won't stay here with me, but go out in the world. Sort of like my actual family... They make the world a little brighter just being out there. And that's exactly what I hope this piece will end up doing!


  1. It is beautiful!!! So happy that you feel good about it going and living with it's new 'family'!!! I hadn't seen you around online, so I just knew you were creating!!! Love it! Luv you!!!

    1. Thank you so much, honey! Yes, I've been busy! Love you, too!!! ♥


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