Monday, January 25, 2010

Please Excuse My Dust!

It's official...this time next week, this South Carolina girl will be living in Pennsylvania! Yes, you heard that right. My husband Rob and I are headed to Pennsylvania! A lot of people have been shocked to hear it. True, I am a Southern girl, but I think I can make it up north! I am looking at it as adventure! We're moving for school, but I feel like it's much more than that. This will be the farthest I have ever lived from my family and friends. Everything will be brand new, right down to the weather, and I can't wait! I am looking forward to the experience, if for no other reason than the photography opportunities! Rob had a pretty good laugh at my expense already. A friend of his left him a message on Facebook to bring his boots and snow brush, and I had to ask what a snow brush was. He couldn't stop laughing! He may have been living here in the south for a long time, but it never occurred to him that I wouldn't know what that was. I guess there will be a lot of those moments in the near future!

Of course, all this means I'll be away from the computer while we laptop unfortunately! As soon as our PC is up and running again, I can't wait to flood this blog with new pictures and stories of my new journey. I'm sure I will have a lot of things to scrap, so I hope to begin sharing my work soon too! Thank you all for reading my little corner of the web...look forward to seeing you soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coming Soon!

I'm so excited about starting this journey! I'm still in the prep stages, so bare with me and I'll be up and running soon! Thank you for stopping by!