Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Daily Excitement of a Pennsylvania House Wife... Birds in the House!

     Ok. I love birds. Love listening to them outside the window in the morning. They are like little music boxes, the best soundtrack there is on a walk around the block, or sitting in the lawn chair reading. Birds are great...outside.
     Why specify? Well, today I slept in way too late, and came downstairs about 11:30. Powered up the computer, and turned on the TV. When I hit the power button and the TV came to life, there was a sudden flurry of batting wings and a huge black blur swooped down over my head. Of course, I ducked for cover and ran into the kitchen, all the time hearing the thing right behind me. I was half way down the stairs to the basement before I turned around, all the time thinking, Oh crap, it's a bat, it's a bat, it's a bat...
     The black bird was clinging to the screen in the kitchen window. He'd let go, flutter about, slam the screen, and squawk. I ran outside to gather my thoughts, maybe see if the screens came off from the outside. They didn't. The bird sat there staring at me from the kitchen. Little help here? was all over his face. 
      I crept back into the kitchen, but he was no where to be seen. At least he solved the problem of getting the screens open without getting pecked to death for me. So, I opened the screens, and even the back door in hopes he'd fly right by me. No such luck. I'd scared him further into the house...which was just great.
     Flash forward about two hours. I had started thinking that maybe he'd escaped some other way, or maybe the open door helped. So, I settled in to checking up on Facebook and answering emails. I even took a break from that to walk the dog. Who, by the way, had bird crap on her back...evidence the bird had a sense of humor. Since there was still no sign of him though, I began chatting with a friend. She said birds can hide for a long time before feeling safe enough to come out. Greeeeat.
     I couldn't have made it up if I wanted to...when she said that, the damn thing started rustling in the ceiling. He took off toward the dining room. I tried to keep up. I think I saw him fly the coop from the kitchen window after a detour smashing into the dining room windows I didn't open. I'm not absolutely sure.
     I hope he is free and singing in the maple outside, because I have had enough excitement for today!

**Update!!  I am finding little plops of bird poop in very odd places...
Though, thank God, they are all on hard, easily disinfected surfaces!**


  1. Oh my goodness! And who says house-wives lives are boring!!! But hey! Where was the camera? I know you said the cat was no help, but you could have taken pictures! lol

  2. I hate this, but my computer won't let me upload pictures from my camera...I haven't taken a picture with my camera since my snowman pictures in February! I rely on my phone for documentation for now. I feel trapped creatively, ugh...


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